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Cass Spring Before you start shopping for your dream home the very 1st step is finding the right mortgage lender for YOU!. You'll want to have your pre-qualification ready so when you find that right home you'll be ready to meet with your agent and write a qualified offer for your agent to present to the seller. While the internet is overwhelming with banks and lenders it is very important to find out if the lender is a direct lender with in-house processing and underwriting.

Anything less should be unacceptable to you as the buyer!

Insist on getting a written Good Faith Estimate with 24 hours from any lender you contact. This estimate will show all the detail charges that will appear on your HUD-1 settlement sheet at closing.
As buyers, here are a few questions you should be asking when applying for your mortgage:
  • What are the rate and points that you're charging for this mortgage?
  • What is the APR?
  • What are all the fees you're going to charge me between now and settlement?
  • Is there a pre-payment penalty?


  1. DO NOT! Deposit cash into your bank accounts or move money around. 
  2. DO NOT! Make any large purchases (i.e. new car or furniture)
  3. DO NOT! Co-sign other loans for ANYONE!
  4. DO NOT! Change bank accounts.
  5. DO NOT! Apply for new credit. (unless advised to do so by your lender)
  6. DO NOT! Close ANY credit accounts.

Normally 5 - 10 days before your settlement a lender WILL pull your credit to make sure your balances have NOT increased from the time you made your mortgage application. If balances HAVE gone up, or any new credit appears on your report you may no longer qualify for the mortgage. 

** ALWAYS discuss with your Loan Officer before doing anything **  

Compliments of Wendy Lewers of Atlantic Home Loans

Below are a few lenders I highly recommend you may want to contact for your mortgage needs:

Email: jimgillespie@afncorp.com

Email: bleonetti@afncorp.com

Email: wlewers@atlantichomeloans.com

Email: mjw@atlantichomeloans.com 

Email: mcoons@bbandt.com

Email: Scotthillegass@fairwaymc.com

Email: lsolt@1stnorthernbank.com

Email: jbreidinger@mortgagebankamerica.com

Email: steve@themtgco.com

Email: LAhner@themtgco.com

Email: kistnerr@neffsnatl.com

Email: eisenhauerm@neffsnatl.com

Email: littler@univest.net

Email: denis.trelease@wellsfargo.com
Mid Atlantic Farm Credit
Shoemakersville, PA
Rachael Vezzozi
Phone: 888-339-3334
American Mobile Home Finance
1020 Windy Hill Rd.
Norristown, PA 19403

Lee Green, Loan Officer
Office: 800-563-3549

Phone: 610-631-1600

Triad Financial
4336 Pablo Oaks Ct.
Jacksonville, FL 32224
Office: 800-522-2013

Web: www.Triadfs.com
P.O. Box 240
Portersville, PA 16051
Mike Bradley, Regional Sales Rep.
or Denise Fisher & Karen Reichholb
Phone: 724-368-3881

Online application:
21st Mortgage
620 Market St.,
Suite 100
Knoxville, TN  37902   
Joy Williams                   
Phone: 800-955-0021 Ext. 1200

Apply on-line: www.21stmortgage.com
First Credit Corporation
21 North Main St.
Gloversville, NY 12078
Dave Rappleye, Regional Sales Rep.
Phone: 800-562-6036 Ext. 101
Email: info@firstcreditcorp.com

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